When you have a daughter that shares your love of music, you buy tickets to concerts of bands that you may have never heard of before. That was my case with Never Shout Never. My daughter was in junior high when I first encountered their music. She wanted to watch them…at Vans Warped Tour, at the Riviera, and at a stop at a mall over an hour away when they did a meet and greet at the Hot Topic store. We just had to be there.

When I found out they were going to be back after years of not touring, my daughter and I were having a conversation in the food court at a local mall waiting for her eye glasses to be ready for pick up at Lenscrafters, and I asked, "Do you want to go?" "Yes," she said with the look in her eyes that all children give to parents when they want to get their way. Needless to say, she got her way.

If I had waited just one more day, I wouldn't have been able to get tickets because it did sell out. They were playing The Bottom Lounge in Chicago on March 30 for their Throw Back Tour.

Opening for them was a fellow band from Joplin, Missouri, called Me Like Bees. Their sound reminded me of Modest Mouse…which is a good thing. They had the crowd going in no time and I hope to catch them live again (if you get a chance, do it – you won't be disappointed).

After Me Like Bees, the group of now grown up fans of NSN gathered in front of the stage of the small venue waiting in anticipation to see the band from their middle school and high school years come back. I laid low behind most of the crowd.

Christofer Drew, frontman of Never Shout Never, looked mature and older than the last time we saw them, as I am sure he thought of the audience that has followed him and the band through the years. Although it was at times challenging to hear the performance because of the screams that would come from around me, Christofer and band played with the same positive energy and enthusiasm as has been each time we would watch them…love and peace filled the air.

They performed songs from their debut album What is Love? and Harmony along with newer music. It was a short set about only an hour and a half long, and ended early in the night before 10pm. But it did bring me back to when my daughter was younger, and I as well, and I am happy to have added another experience with her and Never Shout Never.