On Friday, January 20, 2017, the 45th President of the United States was sworn into office. I chose not to watch the broadcast of this on any of the networks. Nor did I watch what followed…the inaugural parade.

I did read that Cage the Elephant was going to broadcast their concert live from London via their Facebook page, so I set a reminder for that instead on my calendar. 

You have got to love technology these days, and to see the progression of Facebook in the last ten years from where it started to where it is now. Seriously…to be able to watch Cage the Elephant live from a phone while engaging with other fans at the same time?! Amazing I say!!

As I commented during the concert feed, watching CTE perform (in black and white no less) was waaayyy better than watching the inaugural parade, and I truly do hope they continue to make music and perform live for the next four years (so I can keep my sanity – I said).

If you have time to spare one hour, go find Cage the Elephant’s Facebook page and watch their concert from London, which thankfully is recorded. 

You will get a respite from anything or anyone bringing you down at that moment. Trust me…I know.