On October 11, 2016, I wrote a letter to Trump. I did not send it out, nor did I post it on any social media. I just typed and expressed my feelings.

This was just weeks before the election, when the “grab them by the pussy” audio/video was leaked.

Today, as millions of women around the world unite in the Women’s March, I felt compelled to share my letter here. Will anyone read this? I don’t know. Whether it’s read today or years from today, I hope it helps anyone who may have gone through, or may be going through, what I dealt with in the past.

My Letter to Trump:

October 11, 2016

I am compelled and feel the need to write about the latest Trump “blunder”. You know, the one he refers to as “locker room talk”. Donald Trump easily excuses his words and his actions, and read off an apology written, not by him – but for him. What may be worse is that his supporters continue to support – – dismissing his admission of sexual assault as something said 11 years ago as banter behind closed doors.  That does not make it alright.

By excusing and allowing his words and actions as something “normal and acceptable”, you (we) are saying it is okay to sexually harass, sexually abuse, sexually assault another person – female or male. It’s saying that because you may be a celebrity, wealthy, powerful and well to do, you can get away with it.

Sadly you, Trump, are not the only one who can get away with it, or continues to get away with it. There are others like you – – bullies, classmates, coworkers, acquaintances, etc. who do these things and get away with it. Then there are the survivors who cope, deal, self-hate, self-loathe, get angry, feel lost, feel confused, feel powerless because of those like you…

I want to tell those women and men that face those evils that you are stronger than them…you are stronger than this. That what they say or do to you, does not make you. THAT YOU ARE WORTH MORE THAN THOSE ACTIONS OR WORDS SAY YOU ARE.

For friends, families and strangers that continue to support Trump because you hate, despise, and disagree with Clinton (Hillary and/or Bill) or President Obama, please tell me…is that hatred enough for you to choose and support a man (though I can barely call him that) who objectifies, bullies, harasses, and assaults women as he has done in public and admitted to doing in private?

I was bullied with “locker room talk” as a young teenager over 25 years ago and those words creep into my memory every now and then. I have been sexually harassed and at times I get mad – at myself and at others – for not saying or doing more. So if you think something said or done 11 years ago is not remembered by those affected, then you are wrong. It stays with you all your life.

Through time, faith, family and friends, I’ve gained and built strength, positivity and power in my life. On November 8, I will use my power again. I will use my power to vote against you, Trump…and all those that you represent.

If you’ve forgotten what was on the audio/video, here’s a reminder: