I bought tickets to the Peter Hook & the Light show at the beginning of this year, well before baseball season and before we knew that the Cubs would be playing in the World Series. So to have the band performing in Wrigleyville at the Metro, on the FIRST night of the World Series being played at Wrigley Field, we received plenty of notice about the commuting situation (traffic, road closures, public transportation), so we would get to the venue at 8 o’clock sharp! As we were reminded…no opening band, and who needs one when it’s Peter Hook?!

After walking down the streets on Clark and Sheffield, taking in the sights and sounds of Cubs fans hanging out at the neighborhood bars and restaurants and taking photos in front of Wrigley Field itself, we headed to the sold out show. It was packed, but we moved to the left side of the stage and I stood on a raised part of the floor at the venue…I’m certain, made for short people like me.

While we all knew the Cubs game was happening down the street (I wore my Cubs Riot Fest shirt myself), we anticipated the undeniable sounds of New Order to start the show…and when it did – it was incredible. With little room, a woman and I bumped elbows a few times as we danced, apologizing ahead of time because we knew we couldn’t just stand still during this concert.

Peter Hook’s voice and the way he played guitar that night were truly spectacular and unforgettable. The band played the entire Substance albums from New Order and Joy Division. Thank God for beer and Vans shoes!

The evening concluded about two (if not more) hours after the show began. Thanks to Peter Hook & the Light, even though the Cubs did lose that night’s game, the audience came out winning.

View the setlist.

Peter Hook & the Light ~ “Ceremony”