The Selecter stopped by Chicago on October 7 at 1st Ward Events at Chop Shop. With opening band, The Crombies, it was a doubleheader of a show for ska music fans.

I was happy to see Pauline Black, frontwoman and lead singer of The Selecter was taking time to meet fans before the show, signing CDs and t-shirts, and having conversation. (Our discussion involved the Chicago Marathon taking place that weekend.)

Pauline Black took time to meet with fans like me

The packed crowd of rude boys and rude girls (and their teenage kids) crowded in front of the stage when The Selecter began their set. While they performed songs from their most recent album, 2015’s “Subculture”, they knew the crowd always wanted to hear them play songs from the 1980 album “Too Much Pressure”.

Getting a kick or a push during a ska show can be expected, and it was good that I was expecting it, especially as I moved closer to the middle of the floor. The truth is you just can’t not dance, or should I say, skank at a ska show.